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The Environment

The Forest of Marston Vale prides itself on encouraging sustainability – from the Forest Centre being powered by renewable energy, to all of the tree planting we have done over the years – we do what we can to help the environment. Here is some more information on the things we do to stay green in the Forest!

Tree Planting
Obviously one of our key activities is planting trees – we’ve planted over 1 million so far, and our aim is to create 30% tree cover and plant another 5 million by 2031. We plant trees annually at different sites across the Forest of Marston Vale; on average, we plant about  15,000 with the help of local communities and corporate groups. Trees are really, really good for the planet – for more information about why, click here or here.

Woodland Carbon Code
Most of our sites are validated by the Woodland Carbon Code, which in simple terms means that companies with a big carbon footprint can buy back carbon units from woodlands. There’s a more detailed explanation here, on the Forestry Commission website.

Wind Turbine
In 2014, an 85m wind turbine was erected by Blue Energy in the Millennium Country Park. It produces enough power not only to power the Forest Centre (along with the Photovoltaic panels on our roof) but also to power up to 1050 houses. It’s providing clean energy whilst providing an elegant addition to the Forest’s skyline. For more info, click here.

Forest Centre
As well as our wind turbine, we also have 400sqm of Photovoltaic panels on our roof, a biomass boiler heating our building and water, and many other features making us the greenest venue in Bedfordshire. As a result, we hold ISO14001 Accreditation – an internationally recognised environmental management standard – for more information about it, click here.


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