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Wind Turbine Info

May 27, 2016 – 11:36 am |

In late 2013/early 2014, Blue Energy began construction on the impressive 85 metre Wind Turbine, which has now become a landscape feature at the centre of the Forest of Marston Vale. Anywhere in quite a …

Turbine trouble

October 22, 2014 – 9:40 am |

Every so often the wind turbine in the Country Park stops spinning. There are several causes for this inactivity -

On very still days the wind speed may be too low
Tests or Software updates. These are …

Wind turbine – want to know more?

October 11, 2014 – 6:42 am |

Some facts and figures about the turbine in the Country Park

At the hub height of 85m the annual average wind speed has been estimated to be 7 m/s (meters per second) almost 16mph!
You won’t feel …

Wind Turbine Progress!

March 3, 2014 – 5:10 pm | 6 Comments

Today the wind turbine has progressed from a very tall pole to what the amateur eye would describe as a very, very tall electric toothbrush.
Click here for a step by step, picture review of today’s …

Turbine going up!

February 26, 2014 – 1:01 pm | 3 Comments

The moment has arrived  – the first part of the wind turbine has been hoisted in the air and is, as we speak, being attached to it’s base. If the wind holds off this means …

Turbine – first pieces safely on site

February 18, 2014 – 7:37 pm |

After quite a long day, the first bits of the wind turbine are safely in the Country Park. There is plenty more to follow – if you like watching cranes you should visit over the …

Turbine – plenty to talk about

February 18, 2014 – 4:59 pm |

Much time spent hanging around waiting today, so plenty of opportunity to talk. There’s been some difficulty with how the bits are going to arrive – they need to be here in the right order and …

Next step – cable installation!

January 20, 2014 – 4:44 pm |

So, the huge foundations have been poured and are slowly going nice and hard. While activity is quietening down for a while at the turbine location, attention is now on the cable trench.
This trench will …

New year and another step forward

January 9, 2014 – 2:49 pm | 2 Comments

Worked stopped on the wind turbine over the Christmas period. As there were no machines moving about or deliveries arriving, the surfaced track was opened for a couple of weeks which was very welcome given …

Wind Turbine Preparation continues…

December 12, 2013 – 3:17 pm |

There is plenty of action on site this week as preparation for the wind turbine continues. Up at the turbine location, construction of the substantial foundations continues. The piling was completed last week, this was …

Wind Turbine Foundations Begin

December 2, 2013 – 12:35 pm |

As I arrived at work this morning, I was greeted by an enormous machine on the main driveway. The machine is a 90 tonne piling rig, and has now been moved into position at the …

Wind Turbine Track Update

November 12, 2013 – 12:46 pm | 4 Comments

The ground works for the wind turbine continue to progress well. The existing track upgrade was completed a couple of weeks ago along with the construction of a new section of track which continues up …

Wind Turbine Progress

October 31, 2013 – 10:50 am |

 Well, just over two weeks into the project and good progress is being made. The upgrade and widening of the existing hard track has now been completed. The track is now an average of 4m …

Wind turbine update

October 23, 2013 – 10:17 am | 10 Comments

Anyone who has visited in the last week will have noticed the Forest Centre’s overflow car park has been taken over by cabins and big machines. Yes, it’s finally happening! After a bit of a …

Marston Mill

September 25, 2013 – 3:43 pm | 2 Comments

As part of the Marston Vale Trust’s commitment to making a real contribution to combating climate change; solar (photovoltaic) panels were fitted to the roof of the Forest Centre in December 2011.  The panels cover …

The Forest Centre roof – what’s up?

December 7, 2011 – 11:55 am |

As part of the Marston Vale Trust’s commitment to making a real contribution to combating climate change, we are fitting solar panels to the roof of the Forest Centre.  These panels will cover over 400m2 …

Marston Mill – energy from the wind

October 26, 2011 – 8:58 am |

Preparations continue for the installation of the Marston Mill wind turbine in the Millennium Country Park. Works are likely to begin early in 2012. The Marston Vale Trust is committed to the environmentally led regeneration …

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