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 Firewood & kindling

£6 per net
£27.50 for 5 nets
£50 (about 0.4 cu m) for 10 nets
£80 (about 0.8cu m)  for 20 nets (includes 1 free net of kindling)

£4.50 per net of kindling
£8 for 2 nets of kindling

If you would like 10 nets or more, please call us before you come to collect it so that we can have it ready for you.

Delivery – We offer delivery for £10 within the Forest of Marston Valee area only, for orders of 20 or more nets. Please call 01234 767037 or email us to arrange your collection/delivery.

As well as planting trees and creating green spaces, a large part of what we are doing in the Forest of Marston Vale is creating viable forest products from our sites, which create an income for us to continue creating the Forest (and as a result, create more products, etc).

Wood left over from thinning/coppicing work both at the Grange Estate, and the Millennium Country Park is collected up and processed in our Barn, to become lovely firewood and kindling. The majority of the kindling is Poplar, which we fell a) because it’s non native and b) because in high winds, unsteady Poplars are a bit of a liability, so we fell them to keep everyone safe! There’s a bit more about recent felling on our blog.) Our firewood is mostly ash, cherry, birch, maple, oak and hawthorn.  We used to process the firewood by hand (or by axe, rather) but thanks to some funding last year we were able to buy our equipment, and make the staff and volunteers very happy!

The well planned and sustainable way in which we manage the Trust’s woodlands, together with the high quality and low moisture content of the firewood we sell has paid off. We received Grown in Britain accreditation in 2015. To find out more about British Timber production, and how it can help stimulate the economy, check out the Grown in Britain website.

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