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Timescale and submitting an application

The Community Fund Panel will meet a minimum of 2 times a year (21st Feb & 21st Sept 2017).

Completed application forms should be submitted by email only to Jo Roberts (click to email) by 5pm, one week before the review date.

The Panel’s decision will be communicated to the applicant by email, usually within fourteen days of the meeting.  For successful applications, the email will set out the Panel’s terms for releasing the contribution.  For unsuccessful applications, the email will set out the reasons for refusal.  There is no right of appeal against the Panel’s decision.

Download the Guidance notes by clicking here
Download the Application Form by clicking  here

Applicants are encouraged to submit as much information, including photographs where possible, to support their application


 The Forest of Marston Vale Community Fund is available for applications from local community groups, schools, projects and also for  those looking to set up a new group or project. It has intentionally broad application criteria and hopefully is easy to complete. Please read the guidance notes and application form thoroughly first and if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The fund is funded by Brook Wind Marston Vale Limited (the “Project Company”), who own the wind turbine in the Millennium Country Park. It generates around 4,500,000 KWh of electricity per year, enough to supply the electrical need of around 1,200 houses. It also top-up’s the electricity generated by the 400m2 of photovoltaic panels on the Forest Centre’s roof, to provide the Forest Centre with free electricity.  The wind turbine will have a life span of 25 years and for each year of its operation Brook Wind will donate £10,000 into the Marston Vale Community Fund

The Forest of Marston Vale Community Fund awarding panel has been established and is made up of representatives of the following stakeholders:

Central Bedfordshire Council           - Cllr Robert Morris

Bedford Borough Council                   – Cllr John Wheeler

The Forest of Marston Vale Trust   – Nick Webb (Fund Manager)

Project Company                                     - A representitive from Book Wind (Asset Manager)


The Fund is not to fund individuals or any campaigns (e.g. political or religious);

The Fund is not to fund activity deemed adverse to the Project Company’s or The Forest of Marston Vale Trust’s interests;

The Fund is not to fund statutory services that should otherwise be funded by local or national government.

Applications for financial assistance can be made by any group or organisation providing that the project they wish to spend the money on is either located within the designated area of the Forest of Marston Vale (see map attached) or if the project will largely benefit communities within the Forest of Marston Vale.

Funding Objectives

The broad objectives of the fund are to support the following charitable activities or projects –

  • Educational
  • Community
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental
  • General community amenities

 Assessment Criteria

Applications will be assessed by members of the Community Fund Panel using the following criteria:

  • The local need for the project and greatest community benefit
  • The level of community involvement
  • Proof of match funding to a minimum of 10%
  • Likelihood of delivery
  • Sustainability (continuation or success of the project post fundingApplicants are encouraged to submit as much information, including photographs where possible, to support their application.

 Project Criteria

The project application must detail the following:

  • Who within the local community will benefit & how;
  • The level of community involvement;
  • Confirmation of the source of the remaining funding for the project;
  • Deliverability – what level of certainty is there that the project will go ahead if the Community Fund Panel commit to provide financial assistance;
  • What assurances are there that the project will be managed during the funding period and/or maintained after the funding (sustainability of project);
  • Has the nominee been funded before by the Marston Vale Community Fund (priority will be given to those not previously funded); and
  • Any other information which the applicant considers is relevant to the application.

The applicant will be expected to provide timescales by when they expect to spend any contribution agreed.  Offers of financial assistance will be conditional on the basis that it is then requested within twelve months of the offer of funding.  The agreed contribution will be released on receipt of an invoice and paid by BACS to the bank account of the project or project lead. Successful applicants will also be expected to publicly recognise the source of the contribution received and provide, on request, updates on the progress of the project. Successful applicants will also be required to provide an end of project report & photographs to the Community Fund Panel on how the money has been spent and how the project has performed. Parts of the report and photos may be used on the Forest of Marston Vale’s website to publicise the Fund.


Details of applications received by the Panel and the decision made will be published on the Community Fund page on the main Forest of Marston Vale website. Supported projects will have information and supporting photo’s published on the website and other publishing material of the Forest of Marston Vale


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