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Our Woodlands

As part of its work to create the Forest of Marston Vale, the Forest of Marston Vale Trust has acquired land across the Forest area to create community woodlands. So far, the Marston Vale Trust has created a total of 660 hectares of new woodland and open space (that’s nearly 2½ square miles) across more than a dozen sites in theForest, all of which can be visited at any time, free of charge.

Every new woodland created by the Forest of Marston Vale Trust is designed to provide a range of benefits; people’s enjoyment, the creation of wildlife habitats, landscape improvement and for production of timber in the future. Surfaced trails have been created in most new woodlands, with picnic tables, natural play features and information boards on site too. Forest sites are places to take a walk, have a picnic, enjoy horse or bike riding, or simply sit and enjoy a little natural beauty.

Use of drones on Forest of Marston Vale Trust sites

The Forest of Marston Vale Trust recognises the recent increase in the popularity of flying drones (unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs) as a recreational activity. We are also seeing concerns expressed by visitors to our sites, where the flying of drones is causing nuisance and disturbance to others. Drones also have potential to disturb birds and other wildlife (particularly during the breeding season).

Few non-commercial users have sufficient training or permission to operate drones, and should a drone cause damage or harm, pilots generally do not have the correct insurance to compensate those affected.

For the safety and enjoyment of other people and to protect wildlife, drone flying is not allowed from or over Forest of Marston Vale Trust land except by contractors commissioned by the Trust for a specific purpose, who satisfy stringent Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) criteria and have the correct insurance.

For further information on flying drones, and how to do so safely, please consult the Civil Aviation Authority guidelines and Dronesafe.

Wootton Willington and Cople Shortstown and Cotton End Millennium Country Park Houghton Conquest Wood Lidlington Cranfield

Please click on the map icons, above, or any of the links below for more details of each of our woodlands:

Our woodlands Nearby places
1     Bedford’s Green Gateway     Wootton
2 & 3     Grange Estate & Octagon Wood     Willington/Cople
4     Shocott Spring     Shortstown/Cotton End
5     Forest Centre & Millennium Country Park     Marston Moretaine
6     Conquest Wood     Houghton Conquest
7 & 8     Folly Wood & Granary Wood     Lidlington
9     Rectory Wood     Cranfield

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